Nuclear for Peaceful Use : The Challenges of the Implementation

by: Chindy Saborn – 102161503 (international student at Universitas Airlangga (Amerta Program))


Nuclear for peaceful use is the policy that all of the country, mostly Non-Nuclear Weapon state want to implement to make sure that they will not get threaten by the Nuclear Weapon state. There is some of the problem or issue arising by some of the nuclear weapon possession states over their right to develop the nuclear weapon and getting a sanction to stop the entire nuclear weapon development project. North Korea is one of the countries to withdraw from the treaty of IAEA and NPT due to their reason of not compliance with the agreements. There are also a similar case regarding to the nuclear weapon of Iran, Israel and India which all became a matter for discussion to find a solution to make sure that there will be no nuclear war like what had happened during the world war period.

Reaad full paper here: Saborn Chindy – Nuclear for Peaceful use : The challenges of the implementation

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